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ClubPay Professional Services

Delivering a range of project & programme management, and consultancy activities
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ClubPay Professional Services draws upon our extensive experience with software and technology to deliver focused and effective project management and related professional services to all types and sizes of businesses across a broad range of sectors.

Working flexibly and with the ability to scale rapidly, we combine effort and expertise with experience and innovation to deliver pragmatic, business-focused solutions - to time, cost, and quality.

Scoping & Initiation

Define boundaries and deliverables; establish purpose, objectives, and initial plan

Business Case

Outline benefits, costs, risks, and impacts to help stakeholders make informed decisions

Solution Selection & Procurement

Evaluate and deploy solutions matched to business needs; deliver robust contract management

Planning & Delivery

Develop tasks and roadmaps to guide completion of deliverables and milestones to time, cost, and quality

Project Health Check

Assess project status, identify issues, and identify corrective actions to ensure project success

Project Repair & Recovery

Resolve issues and restore project success through corrective actions and risk management

Reporting & dashboards

Analyse and display key project metrics to provide actionable insights for stakeholders and decision-makers

Training & Mentoring

Enhance skills and competency; support personal and professional development via experience and insight

Quality Assurance & Audit

Ensure projects or deliverables meet specified quality standards; demonstrate and assure consistent quality

Project/ PMO Process Design

Drive rigour, structure and consistency of approach to achieve desired project objectives and outcomes

Project/ PMO Tooling Design

Identify optimum software, platforms, applications, and tools to support project management activities

Process Review & Improvement

identify inefficiency and implement changes to enhance the effectiveness and quality of processes and workflows

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